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The Song of The Storm

The Song of The Storm was my second year animation at UCA. This project featured a more ambitious time frame, and used more immersive, theatrical techniques for a sensory experience upon an exclusive screening day


An animation for 'Authorial Narrative', Year 2, Unit 1

Inspired by the legend Charles Dickens and his poem The Song of The Wreck, this animation visualises the original and adapted poem, The Song of The Storm by Jess Wickett. Focusing instead on the perspective of The Storm, a mythical Water God and protector of the natural world, we follow a tale of poetic adventure, exploring various emotions as she attempts to challenge the progression of a cold, capitalist mankind. 

In this voiceless narrative, guided solely by music and sensory experiences, allow yourself to be transported to a fantasy realm, engaging your senses and exploring your emotions in an abstract visual narrative.

All music and adapted poem lines created by Jess Wickett, taking inspiration from Charles Dickens' The Song of The Wreck

Screened officially at both UCA Canterbury, and Ramsgate Music Hall

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