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Seadog books and wine

In the Spring of 2023, Seadog Books and Wine approached UCA Canterbury, Illustration-Animation students with the task of proposing a concept for a Book and Wine shop. Within the group work, I created a mixture of animated functions and set pieces that would together build an experiential space. 

Tarot cards
Window display concept
Wine bar
Wine bottle concept
Wine bottle concept
Wine bottle concept


Conceptual animations and illustrations for a live brief. 

My second year of Illustration-Animation saw me pushing the boundaries of my professional practice. Beyond the limitations of a simple moving image, I made the transition into digital animation, now producing work that was interactive, immersive and told a collaborative group tale. 


Within this brief, I created GIFs, sensory immersion-inducing animations, interactive content and even concepts for installations that saw me progressing into spatial design alongside more complex character motions.  

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