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CAMHS Live Project

In the early months of 2024, I was a team leader for a Live Project in collaboration with CAMHS, making an animation exploring the difficulties of Autism. As someone currently waiting for an assessment, this project was highly important to me, and thus set myself and my small team the challenge of raising awareness in an emotive and impactful outcome 



Short animation to a pre-made script.

This animation follows the journey of a young autistic individual, navigating their way through the daily challenges of High School and the impact this has on those who are neurodivergent. The task was to raise awareness and provide hope for both those struggling and those supporting, with access to reliable helplines and important information on how to help whilst waiting for medical support. 

The project was worked on in a small team of three, with myself as the director 

Watch here

Character Design.png

Concept work

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